DEXYCU Volume Rebate Program

DEXYCU is available now with a special volume rebate program. All DEXYCU kits purchased by ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in a calendar quarter are eligible for the program, and if the specified minimum quarterly purchase volumes are achieved, a quarterly rebate payment will be issued.

Minimum Units PurchasedRebate AmountMaximum Cumulative Rebate Amount
(if Quarterly Rebate Thresholds are met)
Annual Volume Bonus: Equal to or greater
than 4,000 kits
Additional $20/kit retroactive to unit 1Unlimited

Quarterly Rebate Amounts for which ASC qualifies by meeting or exceeding the Rebate Threshold during any Rebate Period shall be paid as a rebate to ASC within approximately forty-five (45) days following the end of the Rebate Period and after receipt of ASC’s completed IRS Form W-9. This promotion shall apply to DEXYCU kits purchased on or after April 1, 2022, and shall remain in effect until December 31, 2022. Annual Volume Bonus for 2022 shall be paid as a rebate to the ASC within approximately 45 days following the end of the fourth quarter rebate period. ASC’s participation in this volume rebate program and further details about it are subject to ASC signing and adhering to the terms of the DEXYCU Rebate Pricing Agreement, which is available upon request. This fixed rebate off WAC shall not be available to any member who has executed a separate volume rebate agreement before the effective date. Any units for which claims have been made through the EyePoint Assist Assurance program will not be applied toward the Quarterly Volume Rebate minimum unit purchase thresholds.