Leave reimbursement risk behind*

EyePoint AssistSM is a reimbursement and patient assistance program that is designed to minimize reimbursement risks for ASCs and provide financial assistance to patients.
With EyePoint Assist, you can leave the reimbursement risk behind and implement a single patient protocol.
*Subject to program terms and conditions, ASCs will be reimbursed the full acquisition cost for patients with Medicare Advantage and will receive the difference between the acquisition cost and the amount paid for patients with commercial insurance.

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals is commited to providing comprehensive support for you and your patients through EyePoint Assist. A representative can provide additional background on how EyePoint Assist can help. Call 1-833-EYEPOINT today (1-833-393-7646), option 3. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am–8:00 pm ET.

Coverage you can count on

EyePoint Assist is committed to helping you access DEXYCU for 100% of your appropriate patients

DEXYCU has a unique permanent J-code effective January 1, 2019

HCPCS CodeShort DescriptionLong Description
J1095Injection, dexamethasone 9%Injection, dexamethasone 9 percent, intraocular, 1 microgram
CMS (Medicare) billing is for a single unit of measure. For DEXYCU 1 unit=1 microgram. Allowable billing for DEXYCU is 517 units.

Providers should use their clinical judgment when selecting codes and should use codes that most accurately represent the product or services delivered. For informational purposes only. EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc., does not guarantee coverage or payment at any level.

Consignment Program

Provide DEXYCU to patients with no upfront or out-of-pocket cost for the ASC.

Patient Assistance Program

Assistance for financially eligible uninsured, government insured, and commercially insured patients.

Copay Assistance Program

Patients with commercial insurance that covers DEXYCU may receive up to $350 in assistance per eye.

Product Replacement Program

Your DEXYCU kit will be replaced if the product was mishandled or damaged.
Call 1-833-EYEPOINT (1-833-393-7646), option 3. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM–8:00 PM ET.